We have a wide range of safety supplies readily available to purchase or rent. We also have breathing air equipment rentals and services.

Safety Supplies

  • Fall Arrest Equipment
  • (Harness, Lanyard, Roofers Kits, Etc.)
  • Traffic Cones & Truck Triangle Kits
  • Personal Protection Equipment
    (Safety Glasses, Gloves, Hard Hats, Etc.)
  • Hearing Protection
    (Ear Plug, Ear Muffs, Etc.)
  • Traffic Wear

    (T-shirts, Safety Vests, Etc.)
  • Safety Showers

    (Sales, Inspections, Installations & Repairs)
  • Eye Wash Equipment

    (Sales, Inspections, Installations & Repairs)
  • Emergency Lighting

    (Sales, Installations, Inspections & Repairs)
  • Gas Detection

    (Sales, Service, Rentals, Fixed & Portable Detection Systems, Repairs & Calibration Gas)

Breathing Air Equipment Rentals & Services

  • Air Trailers
    (Equipment With 10 Cylinders)
  • Air Skids
    (12 & 20 Packs)
  • 2 Bottle
    (Air Carts)
  • Air Hoses, Manifolds, Regulators
    (5Min, 30Min, 60Min Packs)
  • 300cuft Cylinders
  • Respirators
    (Scott, 3M, North – Half & Full Face)
  • Welding Respirators / Supplied Air
  • Gas Detection
    (Maintenance & Repairs)
  • Mask Cleaning
    (Repairs – Half & Full Face)
  • Fit Testing
    (SCBA, SABA Packs)
  • Gas Detection
    (Calibration, Bump Testing, Repairs)

First Aid Products – NEW!

We have a wide range of First Aid products to ensure that in the event of a medical emergency, you have the required gear. Our knowledgeable staff can offer a tailored solution to you so that you meet full WSIB and regulatory compliance. Some of our items include:

  • Compliant First Aid kits
  • Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
  • Medical Room supplies
  • Face masks/shields
  • Backboards/adjustable collars