We offer a wide variety of training classes at our in house facility or on-site. We currently have courses available for the following:

Respiratory Protection (SCBA, SABA & SAR)

This course is designed and facilitated to ensure compliance to CSA, NFPA and regulatory requirements. Students are provided key fundamentals and competencies to protect themselves from workplace health hazards.

Elements of training include:

  • Selection, care & use of respirators
  • User maintenance & equipment inspection
  • Respiratory hazard recognition, assessment & control methods

Respirator Fit Testing

Intended to ensure users of respiratory protective equipment are provided with the most suitable respirator fit to maximize efficiency and protection of the selected respirators. This service is available for full and half face-piece respirators, and disposable face-pieces, such as the N95 of many manufacturers and models available.

Confined Space

These specialized courses meet and exceed NFPA 1006 and regulatory requirements. They include:

  • Confined space hazards & control measures
  • Energy isolation
  • Confined space permitting
  • Multi-employer involvement
  • Rescue planning
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) & devices
  • Atmospheric monitoring equipment & principles of gas detection
  • Confined Space Simulator available for practical training component, as requested
Photo taken at Lambton College Fire School